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Gamst, Glenn C. - Performing Data Analysis Using IBM SPSS, ebook

Performing Data Analysis Using IBM SPSS

Gamst, Glenn C.


This book is designed to be a user’s guide for students and other interested readers to perform statistical data analysis with IBM SPSS, which is a major statistical software package used extensively in academic, government, and business settings.

Abbott, Martin Lee - Understanding and Applying Research Design, ebook

Understanding and Applying Research Design

Abbott, Martin Lee


The authors analyze real-world data using SPSS software, guiding readers on the overall process of science, focusing on premises, procedures, and designs of social scientific research. Three clearly organized sections move seamlessly

Rasch, Dieter - Mathematical Statistics, ebook

Mathematical Statistics

Rasch, Dieter


Classroom-tested with exercises included Practice-oriented (taken from day-to-day statistical work of the authors) Includes further studies including design of experiments and sample sizing Presents and uses IBM SPSS Statistics 24 for practical calculations of data

Martínez, Melissa N. - Applications of Regression Models in Epidemiology, ebook

Applications of Regression Models in Epidemiology

Martínez, Melissa N.


A one-stop guide for public health students and practitioners learning the applications of classical regression models in epidemiology
This book is written for public health professionals and students interested in applying regression models in the field of epidemiology. The academic