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Duncan, James - A Companion to Cultural Geography, ebook

A Companion to Cultural Geography

Duncan, James


A Companion to Cultural Geography brings together original contributions from 35 distinguished international scholars to provide a critical overview of this dynamic and influential field of study.
Provides accessible overviews of key themes, debates and controversies from a variety of

Herod, Andrew - Geographies of Power: Placing Scale, ebook

Geographies of Power: Placing Scale

Herod, Andrew


Explores the nexus of power and space behind the rescaling of contemporary social, economic and political life. Organized into three sections on theorizing scale, the discourses and rhetorics of scale, and scales of activism. Will stimulate discussion about how conceptions

Bauder, Harald - Labor Movement : How Migration Regulates Labor Markets, ebook

Labor Movement : How Migration Regulates Labor Markets

Bauder, Harald


Assuming a critical view of orthodox economic theory, the book illustrates how different legal, social and cultural strategies towards international migrants are deployed and coordinated within the wider neo-liberal project to render migrants and immigrants vulnerable,

Castree, Noel - David Harvey: A Critical Reader, ebook

David Harvey: A Critical Reader

Castree, Noel


Written by contributors from across the human sciences, operating with a range of critical theories. Focuses on key themes in Harvey’s work. Contains a consolidated bibliography of Harvey’s writings.

Delaney, David - Territory: A Short Introduction, ebook

Territory: A Short Introduction

Delaney, David


Addresses specific areas including interpretations of territorial structures; the relationship between territoriality and scale; the validity and fluidity of territory; and the practical, social processes associated with territorial re-configurations. Stresses that