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, Peter Taylor-Gooby - Risk in Social Science, ebook

Risk in Social Science

, Peter Taylor-Gooby


This book is designed as an introduction to recent social science work on risk and is intended primarily for students in sociology, social psychology, and psychology, although it will also be useful for those studying

Pumain, Denise - Hierarchy in Natural and Social Sciences, ebook

Hierarchy in Natural and Social Sciences

Pumain, Denise


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Denise Pumain
2. Hierarchy: A Short History of a Word in Western Thought
Nicolas Verdier
3. Biological and Ecological Systems Hierarchical Organisation
Alain Pavé
4. Size, Scale and the Boat…

Russo, Federica - Causality and Causal Modelling in the Social Sciences, ebook

Causality and Causal Modelling in the Social Sciences

Russo, Federica


Table of contents
1. What Do Social Scientists Do?
2. Probabilistic Approaches
3. Methodology of Causal Modelling
4. Epistemology of Causal Modelling
5. Methodological Consequences: Objective Bayesianism
6. Methodological Consequences: Mechanisms and Levels of Causation
7. Supporting the Rationale of Variation

Borchardt, K. - Enabling Social Policy, ebook

Enabling Social Policy

Borchardt, K.


National and Supra-national Social Policy: Comparative Case Studies
5. Elements of a European Social Policy

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Avison, William R. - Mental Health, Social Mirror, ebook

Mental Health, Social Mirror

Avison, William R.


Contemporary Social Theory and the Sociological Study of Mental Health
Ann Branaman
Part III.The Social Origins Of Mental Health And Mental Illness
6. Class Relations, Economic Inequality and Mental Health: Why

Sudoh, Osamu - Digital Economy and Social Design, ebook

Digital Economy and Social Design

Sudoh, Osamu


Table of contents
Part I:.The Macro and Micro Economic Aspect
1. The Knowledge Network in the Digital Economy and Sustainable Development
Osamu Sudoh
2. Controllability of Technological Paradigm Shift and Sustainable Growth: An Empirical…

, Nan Lin - Social Capital : An International Research Program, ebook

Social Capital : An International Research Program

, Nan Lin


The volume brings together some of the leading scholars around the world working on social capital to study how individuals and groups access and use their social relations and social connections to do better in society in order to achieve their goals.

Dellino-Musgrave, Virginia E. - Maritime Archaeology and Social Relations, ebook

Maritime Archaeology and Social Relations

Dellino-Musgrave, Virginia E.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Linking Historical and Maritime Archaeology
3. Historical and Maritime Archaeology: The Argentinean and Australian Case Studies
4. Meaning and Social Archaeology
5. Consuming Capitalism and Colonialism
6. Understanding Places on the South Atlantic and on the Southeast

Gläser, Jochen - The Changing Governance of the Sciences, ebook

The Changing Governance of the Sciences

Gläser, Jochen


The Social Construction Of Bibliometric Evaluations
Jochen GläSer, Grit Laudel
6. Evaluation Without Evaluators
Jochen GläSer, Grit Laudel
7. The Basic State Of Research In Germany: Conditions Of Knowledge Production Pre-Evaluation
Stefan Lange