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Leikin, Mark - Current Issues in Bilingualism, ebook

Current Issues in Bilingualism

Leikin, Mark


Verb Inflections as Indicators of Bilingual SLI: Qualitative Vs. Quantitative Measurements
Sharon Armon-Lotem, Galit Adam, Anat Blass, Jonathan Fine, Efrat Harel, Elinor Saiegh-Haddad, Joel Walters
10. Procedural and Declarative Memory in the Acquisition of

Joshi, R. Malatesha - Interventions in Learning Disabilities, ebook

Interventions in Learning Disabilities

Joshi, R. Malatesha


The Efficiency of Metacognitive and Metalinguistic Awareness in Word Spelling Among Hebrew Speaking Children with SLI: An Intervention Study
Rachel Schiff, Ayelet Sasson, Yoci Nuri, Elisheva Ben-Artzi
6. Intervention and Assessment of Spelling Skills in LD

Du, Zhenyu - Intelligence Computation and Evolutionary Computation, ebook

Intelligence Computation and Evolutionary Computation

Du, Zhenyu


Table of contents
1. Advantages of Cross-Border Acquisition under International Financial Crisis
Zuoling Nie, Yuhai Su, Chong-jin Wang
2. A New Extension of LBP for Texture Classification
Kunlun Li, Pan Wang
3. Adaptive Backstepping Control for Nonlinear Systems Using Support Vector Regression
Liu Yinan,