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Whitham, G. B. - Linear and Nonlinear Waves, ebook

Linear and Nonlinear Waves

Whitham, G. B.


Now in an accessible paperback edition, this classic work is just as relevant as when it first appeared in 1974, due to the increased use of nonlinear waves. It covers the behavior of waves in two parts, with the first part addressing hyperbolic

Kundu, Anjan - Tsunami and Nonlinear Waves, ebook

Tsunami and Nonlinear Waves

Kundu, Anjan


Solitary waves propagating over variable topography
Roger Grimshaw
4. Water waves generated by a moving bottom
Denys Dutykh, Frédéric Dias
5. Tsunami surge in a river: a hydraulic jump in an inhomogeneous channel

Kharif, Christian - Extreme Ocean Waves, ebook

Extreme Ocean Waves

Kharif, Christian


Freak Waves: Peculiarities of Numerical Simulations
V. E. Zakharov, A. I. Dyachenko, A. O. Prokofiev
2. Rogue Waves in Higher Order Nonlinear Schrödinger Models
Annalisa Calini, Constance M. Schober
3. Non-Gaussian

Goss, M - Making Waves, ebook

Making Waves

Goss, M


Table of contents
1. Introduction
W. M. Goss
2. A Brief, Basic Guide to Terms and Concepts of Solar Radio Astronomy
W. M. Goss
3. Ruby Payne-Scott’s Ancestors and Her Early Childhood
W. M. Goss
4. Ruby Payne-Scott’s Education…

Bressloff, Paul C. - Waves in Neural Media, ebook

Waves in Neural Media

Bressloff, Paul C.


Traveling Waves in One-Dimensional Excitable Media
Paul C. Bressloff
3. Wave Propagation Along Spiny Dendrites
Paul C. Bressloff
4. Calcium Waves and Sparks
Paul C. Bressloff
Part II. Networks
5. Waves in Synaptically Coupled Spiking Networks

Straughan, Brian - Heat Waves, ebook

Heat Waves

Straughan, Brian


Shock waves and numerical solutions
Brian Straughan
6. Qualitative estimates
Brian Straughan
7. Spatial decay
Brian Straughan
8. Thermal convection in nanofluids
Brian Straughan
9. Other applications
Brian Straughan

Nazarov, Veniamin - Nonlinear Acoustic Waves in Micro-inhomogeneous Solids, ebook

Nonlinear Acoustic Waves in Micro-inhomogeneous Solids

Nazarov, Veniamin


Nonlinear Acoustic Waves in Micro-inhomogeneous Solids covers the broad and dynamic branch of nonlinear acoustics, presenting a wide variety of different phenomena from both experimental and theoretical perspectives.
The introductory chapters, written in the style of graduate-level textbook,