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King, Terry A. - Optics and Photonics: An Introduction, ebook

Optics and Photonics: An Introduction

King, Terry A.


The Second Edition of this successful textbook provides a clear, well-written introduction to both the fundamental principles of optics and the key aspects of photonics to show how the subject has developed in the last few decades, leading to many modern applications. Optics

Vogel, Werner - Quantum Optics, ebook

Quantum Optics

Vogel, Werner


This is the third, revised and extended edition of the acknowledged "Lectures on Quantum Optics" by W. Vogel and D.-G. Welsch.
It offers theoretical concepts of quantum optics, with special emphasis on current research trends. A unified concept

Bordo, Vladimir G. - Optics and Spectroscopy at Surfaces and Interfaces, ebook

Optics and Spectroscopy at Surfaces and Interfaces

Bordo, Vladimir G.


This book covers linear and nonlinear optics as well as optical spectroscopy at solid surfaces and at interfaces between a solid and a liquid or gas.
The authors give a concise introduction to the physics of surfaces and interfaces. They discuss in detail physical properties of solid

Scharf, Toralf - Polarized Light in Liquid Crystals and Polymers, ebook

Polarized Light in Liquid Crystals and Polymers

Scharf, Toralf


Polarized Light in Liquid Crystals and Polymers deals with the linear optics of birefringent materials, such as liquid crystals and polymers, and surveys light propagation in such media with special attention to applications. It is unique in treating light propagation in micro- and nanostructured

Gross, Herbert - Handbook of Optical Systems, Physical Image Formation, ebook

Handbook of Optical Systems, Physical Image Formation

Gross, Herbert


Starting with wave equation and the theory of diffraction, readers are introduced in detail to the Fourier theory of optics, since this is a necessary assumption for an understanding of the finite resolution of optical systems, the basic optical quality criteria, the

Valberg, Arne - Light Vision Color, ebook

Light Vision Color

Valberg, Arne


The book successfully combines basics in vision sciences with recent developments from different areas such as neuroscience, biophysics, sensory psychology and philosophy. Originally published in 1998 this edition has been extensively revised and updated to include