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Moran, Michael J. - Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics, ebook

Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics

Moran, Michael J.


A comprehensive, best-selling introduction to the basics of engineering thermodynamics. Requiring only college-level physics and calculus, this popular book includes numerous illustrations and graphs to help students learn engineering concepts.
A tested and proven problem-solving

Mazenko, Gene F. - Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics, ebook

Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics

Mazenko, Gene F.


This is the third volume of a four volume set of texts by the same author, two of which have already been published ("Fluctuations, Order, and Defects" 0-471-32840-5, "Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics" 0-471-32839-1). While the preceding volume contains material

Aziz, Abdul - Extended Surface Heat Transfer, ebook

Extended Surface Heat Transfer

Aziz, Abdul


A much-needed reference focusing on the theory, design, and applications of a broad range of surface types.
* Written by three of the best-known experts in the field.
* Covers compact heat exchangers, periodic heat flow, boiling off finned…