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Singleton, Paul - Dictionary of DNA and Genome Technology, ebook

Dictionary of DNA and Genome Technology

Singleton, Paul


Explores not only well-established methodologies but includes new technology and data from the latest research journals, going beyond the remit of many science dictionaries Explains commercial products - principles, applications and examples of use - often with references

Nelson, John - Structure and Function in Cell Signalling, ebook

Structure and Function in Cell Signalling

Nelson, John


An accessible introduction to the complex field of cell signalling Interacts with RasMol software – freely downloadable for viewing structures in 3D Includes exercises and clear instructions in the use of RasMol Well illustrated in full colour throughout
Structure and Function in Cell Signalling

Meager, Anthony - The Interferons: Characterization and Application, ebook

The Interferons: Characterization and Application

Meager, Anthony


At long last, the first book to cover all important areas of interferon science in one volume. Top scientists, including many pioneers in the field, highlight the role of interferons as research tools and as therapeutic agents in clinical applications. Edited by an experienced interferonologist,

Leroy-Willig, Anne - Textbook of in vivo Imaging in Vertebrates, ebook

Textbook of in vivo Imaging in Vertebrates

Leroy-Willig, Anne


 This exciting field of imaging science brings together physics, chemistry, engineering, biology and medicine to yield powerful and versatile imaging approaches. By combining advanced non-invasive imaging technologies with new mechanisms for visualizing biochemical

Cossarizza, Andrea - Cellular Aspects of HIV Infection, ebook

Cellular Aspects of HIV Infection

Cossarizza, Andrea


Cellular Aspects of HIV Infection provides a highly readable, detailed overview of the state of the art in modern HIV research at the cellular level. This volume brings together renowned experts who have provided concise, synthetic treatments of the biology…

Foundation, Novartis - Mitochondrial Biology: New Perspectives, ebook

Mitochondrial Biology: New Perspectives

Foundation, Novartis


With the recent renaissance in mitochondrial biology and increasing recognition of their role in many diseases, this book provides a timely summary of the current state-of-the-art in mitochondrial research. The book opens with the regulation of mitochondrial…