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Lersten, Nels R. - Flowering Plant Embryology, ebook

Flowering Plant Embryology

Lersten, Nels R.


Drawing from a lifetime of teaching botany, Dr. Nels Lersten presents the study of the structures and processes involved in the reproduction of plants in his text Flowering Plant Embryology. This richly illustrated reference text, with more than 350 figures and illustrations, presents general

Inzé, Dirk - Cell Cycle Control and Plant Development, ebook

Cell Cycle Control and Plant Development

Inzé, Dirk


The book is an essential purchase for research teams working in the areas of plant sciences and molecular, cell and developmental biology. All libraries in universities and research establishments where biological sciences are

Morecroft, Michael D. - Plant Growth and Climate Change, ebook

Plant Growth and Climate Change

Morecroft, Michael D.


The book demonstrates the variety of techniques used across plant science: detailed physiology in controlled environments; observational studies based on long-term data sets; field manipulation experiments and modelling. It is directed at advanced-level university

Jenks, Matthew A. - Plant Desiccation Tolerance, ebook

Plant Desiccation Tolerance

Jenks, Matthew A.


Completely up-to-date and written by leading desiccation experts, Plant Desiccation Tolerance will be of great interest to plant researchers and plant and crop science professionals.

Meyer, Peter - Annual Plant Reviews, Plant Epigenetics, ebook

Annual Plant Reviews, Plant Epigenetics

Meyer, Peter


Plant science has made a number of elementary contributions to this field, and the common elements of epigenetic systems have linked research groups interested in plant, fungal and animal systems.
This volume provides a comprehensive overview epigenetic mechanisms

Finnie, Christine - Annual Plant Reviews, Plant Proteomics, ebook

Annual Plant Reviews, Plant Proteomics

Finnie, Christine


In plant science, the number of proteome studies is rapidly expanding after the completion of the Arabidopsis thaliana genome sequence, and proteome analyses of other important or emerging model systems and crop plants are in progress or are being initiated. Proteome

Flowers, Timothy J. - Plant Solute Transport, ebook

Plant Solute Transport

Flowers, Timothy J.


A crucial stage in the life cycle of most plants, the internally-controlled dehydration concomitant with seed formation, is also addressed.
Throughout the volume the authors link our increasing understanding of the cellular and molecular bases of solute movement