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Hogg, Stuart - Essential Microbiology, ebook

Essential Microbiology

Hogg, Stuart


Essential Microbiology is a comprehensive introductory text aimed at students taking a first course in the subject. Covering all aspects of microbiology, it describes the structure and function of microbes before considering their place in the the

Alcamo, I. Edward - CliffsQuickReview Microbiology, ebook

CliffsQuickReview Microbiology

Alcamo, I. Edward


CliffsQuickReview Microbiology contains the foundation material for microbiology courses required for careers in nursing, dental hygiene, medical technology, food and nutrition, pharmacy, and medicine. This comprehensive guide

Bitton, Gabriel - Wastewater Microbiology, ebook

Wastewater Microbiology

Bitton, Gabriel


By providing a solid foundation in microbiology, microbial growth, metabolism, and nutrient cycling, the text gives readers the tools they need to make critical decisions that affect public health, as well as the practical aspects of treatment, disinfection, water

Noble, Denis - The Music of Life : Biology beyond genes, ebook

The Music of Life : Biology beyond genes

Noble, Denis


What is Life? To answer this question, Denis Noble argues that we must look beyond the gene's eye view. For modern 'systems biology' considers life on a variety of levels, as an intricate web of feedback between

Dale, Jeremy - Molecular Genetics of Bacteria, ebook

Molecular Genetics of Bacteria

Dale, Jeremy


The focus of the book remains firmly on bacteria and will be invaluable to those students studying microbiology, biotechnology, molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics and related biomedical sciences.

Carter, John - Virology: Principles and Applications, ebook

Virology: Principles and Applications

Carter, John


Taking a modern approach to the subject, the relevance of virology to everyday life is clearly emphasized and discussions of emerging viruses, cancer, vaccines, anti-viral drugs and gene vectors are included. To enhance student understanding, learning outcomes, sources

Kavanagh, Kevin - Medical Mycology: Cellular and Molecular Techniques, ebook

Medical Mycology: Cellular and Molecular Techniques

Kavanagh, Kevin


comprehensive introduction to the key techniques critical to the study of medical mycology clear explanation of how each technique is applied in the lab contributions from internationally recognised experts in the field outlines the background to many techniques required for the successful completion

Kavanagh, Kevin - Fungi: Biology and Applications, ebook

Fungi: Biology and Applications

Kavanagh, Kevin


Fungi: Biology and Applications is a comprehensive, balanced introduction of the biology, biotechnological applications and medical significance of fungi. With no prior knowledge of the subject assumed, the opening chapters offer a broad overview of