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Agrawal, Jai Prakash - Organic Chemistry of Explosives, ebook

Organic Chemistry of Explosives

Agrawal, Jai Prakash


Organic Chemistry of Explosives is the first text to bring together the essential methods and routes used for the synthesis of organic explosives in a single volume.
Assuming no prior knowledge, the

Ono, Noboru - The Nitro Group in Organic Synthesis, ebook

The Nitro Group in Organic Synthesis

Ono, Noboru


The most useful reactions of organonitro compounds in organic synthesis Compounds containing nitro groups are useful intermediates for the synthesis of natural products and other complex organic molecules. The Nitro Group in Organic

Yudin, Andrei K. - Aziridines and Epoxides in Organic Synthesis, ebook

Aziridines and Epoxides in Organic Synthesis

Yudin, Andrei K.


Aziridines and epoxides are among the most widely used intermediates in organic synthesis, acting as precursors to complex molecules due to the strains incorporated in their skeletons. Besides their importance as reactive intermediates, many biologically active compounds also contain these

Murahashi, Shun-Ichi - Ruthenium in Organic Synthesis, ebook

Ruthenium in Organic Synthesis

Murahashi, Shun-Ichi


In this comprehensive book, one of the leading experts, Shun-Ichi Murahashi, presents all the important facets of modern synthetic chemistry using Ruthenium, ranging from hydrogenation to metathesis. In 14 contributions, written by an international authorship, readers will find all the information

Knipe, Chris - Organic Reaction Mechanisms, 1998, ebook

Organic Reaction Mechanisms, 1998

Knipe, Chris


Thirty-fourth volume in this highly successful series.
* Provides the most recent developments in organic chemistry.
* Compiled by well-respected editors with many years of relevant experience.

Knipe, Chris - Organic Reaction Mechanisms, 1999, ebook

Organic Reaction Mechanisms, 1999

Knipe, Chris


* 35th volume in this highly successful series
* A guide to the most recent developments in organic chemistry
* Excellent references - Author and subject references
* Well respected editors with many years experience in the field

Tanaka, Koichi - Solvent-free Organic Synthesis, ebook

Solvent-free Organic Synthesis

Tanaka, Koichi


Chemical Synthesis without the use of solvents has developed into a powerful methodology as it reduces the amount of toxic waste produced and therefore becomes less harmful to the environment.
Koichi Tanaka discusses the latest developments in…