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Goffer, Zvi - Archaeological Chemistry, ebook

Archaeological Chemistry

Goffer, Zvi


The chemical study of archaeological materials
Archaeological Chemistry, Second Edition is about the application of the chemical sciences to the study of ancient man and his material activities. The text of the book centers on the use of chemical

Bons, Ulrich - GC/MS in Clinical Chemistry, ebook

GC/MS in Clinical Chemistry

Bons, Ulrich


This book enables the reader to gain a rapid understanding of GC/MS analysis through a basic knowledge of the fundamental principles, linking these with simple and practical applications in the field of industrial medicine and analysis of drugs. Additional…

Meier, Peter C. - Statistical Methods in Analytical Chemistry, ebook

Statistical Methods in Analytical Chemistry

Meier, Peter C.


Unlike other books on the subject, Statistical Methods in Analytical Chemistry, Second Edition presents and solves problems in the context of a comprehensive decision-making process under GMP rules: Would you recommend the destruction of a $100,000 batch of product

Monk, Paul M. S. - Fundamentals of Electro-Analytical Chemistry, ebook

Fundamentals of Electro-Analytical Chemistry

Monk, Paul M. S.


This thoroughly updated open learning text provides an introduction to electroanalytical chemistry, one of today's fastest growing and most exciting frontiers of analytical science. The author discusses electroanalysis in a non-mathematical and informal

Mitra, Somenath - Sample Preparation Techniques in Analytical Chemistry, ebook

Sample Preparation Techniques in Analytical Chemistry

Mitra, Somenath


Devoted entirely to teaching and reinforcing these necessary pretreatment steps, Sample Preparation Techniques in Analytical Chemistry addresses diverse aspects of this important measurement step. These include:
* State-of-the-art extraction techniques for

Flamini, Riccardo - Hyphenated Techniques in Grape and Wine Chemistry, ebook

Hyphenated Techniques in Grape and Wine Chemistry

Flamini, Riccardo


This book presents the modern applications of hyphenated techniques in the analysis and study of the chemistry of grape, wine, and grape-derivative products. It explains the different applications and techniques used in the laboratory, such as liquid- and gas-phase chromatography, mass spectrometry,

Christy, Alfred A. - Near-Infrared Spectroscopy in Food Science and Technology, ebook

Near-Infrared Spectroscopy in Food Science and Technology

Christy, Alfred A.


This reference gives food science professionals a working understanding of near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) and its role in maximizing food potential. It explains the technical aspects of NIRS, including: basic principles; characteristics of the NIR spectra; instrumentation; sampling techniques;