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Clemson, Helen - S60 Programming: A Tutorial Guide, ebook

S60 Programming: A Tutorial Guide

Clemson, Helen


Exercises walk the reader through the initial development of a console-based card game engine to a graphical user interface(GUI)-based, two player blackjack game operating over a Bluetooth connection between two mobile phones Addresses how Symbian offers a number of different variants to allow for different

Fitzek, Frank H. P. - Qt for Symbian, ebook

Qt for Symbian

Fitzek, Frank H. P.


Qt for Symbian takes a unique look at this cutting-edge programming environment. Step-by-step it explains Qt in an easy to access fashion, using simple examples throughout. A bible for all beginners it covers topics such as: Installing the developer…

Rome, Adi - Multimedia on Symbian OS: Inside the Convergence Device, ebook

Multimedia on Symbian OS: Inside the Convergence Device

Rome, Adi


Multimedia on Symbian OS is the only book available to discuss multimedia on Symbian OS at this level. It covers key areas of multimedia technology, with information about APIs and services provided by Symbian OS. Other key features include details of UI platform-specific APIs from S60 and UIQ.
This pioneering book

Chehimi, Fadi - Games on Symbian OS: A Handbook for Mobile Development, ebook

Games on Symbian OS: A Handbook for Mobile Development

Chehimi, Fadi


This book shows how to create mobile games for Symbian smartphones such as S60 3rd Edition, UIQ3 or FOMA devices. It includes contributions from a number of experts in the mobile games industry, including Nokia's N-gage team, Ideaworks3D, and ZingMagic, as well