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Carment, David - Post-Soviet Migration and Diasporas, ebook

Post-Soviet Migration and Diasporas

Carment, David


Jewish Russians, Russian Israelis and “Jewski” Canadians: Youth and the Negotiation of Identity and Belonging
Anna Slavina
9. Russian-Speaking Diaspora in Turkey: The Geopolitics of Migration in the Black Sea Region
Tunc Aybak
10. Russian Policy

Gill, Graeme - Politics in the Russian Regions, ebook

Politics in the Russian Regions

Gill, Graeme


The Influence of Russian Big Business on Regional Power: Models and Political Consequences
Rostislav Turovsky
7. Economic Actors in Russian Regional Politics: The Example of the Oil Industry
Julia Kusznir
8. Russia’s

Gill, Graeme - Collective Leadership in Soviet Politics, ebook

Collective Leadership in Soviet Politics

Gill, Graeme


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Study of Soviet Leadership
Graeme Gill
2. Oligarchy with a Predominant Leader, 1917–22
Graeme Gill
3. Rule by Pure Oligarchy, 1923–29
Graeme Gill
4. From the Predominant to the Dominant Leader, 1930–53
Graeme Gill
5. The Limits of the Predominant

Koteyko, Nelya - Language and Politics in Post-Soviet Russia, ebook

Language and Politics in Post-Soviet Russia

Koteyko, Nelya


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Nelya Koteyko
2. Perspectives on Corpus-Assisted Discourse Analysis
Nelya Koteyko
3. Sociolinguistic Patterns and Discursive Stages in Post-Soviet Russia
Nelya Koteyko
4. Compilation of Specialised Corpora
Nelya Koteyko
5. Analysis of Quantitative Trends

Carroll, Eero - The Soviet Union, ebook

The Soviet Union

Carroll, Eero


Thinkers From Overseas: How Western Experts Described the Soviet Union Over Its 74-Year History
Vladimir Shlapentokh, Eric Shiraev, Eero Carroll
3. Homegrown Russian Elites and Soviet Realities
Vladimir Shlapentokh,

Huskey, Eugene - Russian Bureaucracy and the State, ebook

Russian Bureaucracy and the State

Huskey, Eugene


Introduction: Russian Officialdom since 1881
Don K. Rowney, Eugene Huskey
Part I. Late Tsarist Officialdom
2. The Institutional Structure of Late Tsarist Officialdom: An Introduction
Don K. Rowney
3. Imperial Russian