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Fevyer, WH - The 1914 Star to the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, ebook

The 1914 Star to the Royal Navy and Royal Marines

Fevyer, WH


The Royal Navy's entitlement to the 1914 Star was almost exclusively restricted to the RN Division though personnel from a few other minor units - including, for example, Sick Berth staff from HMS Pembroke - also qualified. To qualify one had to have

Office, H.M. Stationary - Navy List January 1919 - Volume 1, ebook

Navy List January 1919 - Volume 1

Office, H.M. Stationary


Volume 1 of 5 This is a significant work of reference in that it provides the personnel state of the Royal Navy as at the end of the Great War; the list is corrected to 18th December 1918. And not just the personnel are featured, for here are listed

Kingston, William Henry Giles - Our Sailors, ebook

Our Sailors

Kingston, William Henry Giles


A fantastic historical adventure novel set in the British Royal Navy in the Victorian era. Written by the master of boys' adventure tales William Henry Giles Kingston.

Grant, E J - The Toothwrights' Tale, ebook

The Toothwrights' Tale

Grant, E J


The Toothwrights’ Tale tells the history of dentistry in the Royal Navy through the eyes of those who worked for the service, drawing on first-hand accounts. It begins at a time when technological advances were leading the world into a dangerous and