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Cascio, Ted - House and Psychology: Humanity Is Overrated, ebook

House and Psychology: Humanity Is Overrated

Cascio, Ted


An irresistible look within the mind and behind the hit TV drama, House
While House is a smart medical drama and Gregory House faces countless ethical quandaries as a doctor, what makes the show unique is that it's much more deeply rooted in psychology…

Bede, Peter - Neurodegenerative Disorders, ebook

Neurodegenerative Disorders

Bede, Peter


Alzheimer’s Disease
Damien Gallagher, Robert F. Coen, Brian A. Lawlor
5. Dementia and Cerebrovascular Disease
Joseph Harbison, Sean P. Kennelly, Rose Anne Kenny
6. Parkinson’s Disease
Diana A. Olszewska,

Vadivelu, Nalini - Essentials of Palliative Care, ebook

Essentials of Palliative Care

Vadivelu, Nalini


Hospice for the Terminally Ill and End-of-Life Care
Jamie Capasso, Robert Byron Kim, Danielle Perret
5. Communication in Palliative Care
Dominique Anwar, Sean Ransom, Roy S. Weiner
6. Guidance with Complex Treatment

Britt, L. D. - Acute Care Surgery, ebook

Acute Care Surgery

Britt, L. D.


Alsikafi, Sean P. Elliott, Maurice M. Garcia, Jack W. McAninch
37. Pelvis
Craig M. Rodner, Bruce D. Browner
38. Lower Extremities
Tina A. Maxian, Michael J. Bosse
39. Hand and Upper Extremities
David T. Netscher, Idris Gharbaoui
40. Peripheral

Brunn, Stanley D. - Engineering Earth, ebook

Engineering Earth

Brunn, Stanley D.


Real-Time National Stability Engineering: Mapping the 2009 Afghan Election
Tom Buckley, Sean Gorman, Laurie Schintler, Rajendra Kulkarni
8. Engineering Time and Space with the Global Fiber Optics Industry
Barney Warf
9. The Internet in Three Finnish