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Moss, Robert A. - Contemporary Carbene Chemistry, ebook

Contemporary Carbene Chemistry

Moss, Robert A.


Presents the most innovative results in carbene chemistry, setting the foundation for new discoveries and applications
The discovery of stable carbenes has reinvigorated carbene chemistry research, with investigators seeking to develop carbenes into…

Jones, Maitland - Reviews of Reactive Intermediate Chemistry, ebook

Reviews of Reactive Intermediate Chemistry

Jones, Maitland


The chemistry of reactive intermediates is central to a modern mechanistic and quantitative understanding of organic chemistry. Moreover, it underlies a significant portion of modern synthetic chemistry and is integral to a molecular view of biological…

Denman, Robert B. - Modeling Fragile X Syndrome, ebook

Modeling Fragile X Syndrome

Denman, Robert B.


Manipulating the Fragile X Mental Retardation Proteins in the Frog
Marc-Etienne Huot, Nicolas Bisson, Thomas Moss, Edouard W. Khandjian
10. Exploring the Zebra Finch Taeniopygia guttata as a Novel Animal Model for the Speech–Language Deficit of Fragile X

Gandossy, Robert - Leadership and Governance from the Inside Out, ebook

Leadership and Governance from the Inside Out

Gandossy, Robert


The all-star roster of contributors from the corporate world and academia includes Vanguard's John Bogle, former SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt, and Harvard Business School's Rosabeth Moss Kanter. Sherron Watkins, Enron whistleblower and Time Person of the Year, shares

Cockin, Katharine - The Literary North, ebook

The Literary North

Cockin, Katharine


The Literary Response to Moss Side, Manchester: Fact or (Genre) Fiction?
Lynne Pearce
15. Locating the Literary North
Katharine Cockin

Stack, M. Sharon - Ovarian Cancer, ebook

Ovarian Cancer

Stack, M. Sharon


Moss, Suzanne D. Westfall, Yueying Liu, Rebecca J. Burkhalter, Francoise Marga, Gabor Forgacs, Laurie G. Hudson, M. Sharon Stack
16. Organotypic Models of Metastasis: A Three-dimensional Culture Mimicking the Human Peritoneum and Omentum for the Study of the Early

Sebastianelli, Wayne - Foundations of Sport-Related Brain Injuries, ebook

Foundations of Sport-Related Brain Injuries

Sebastianelli, Wayne


Kontos, Robert J. Elbin, Michael W. Collins
15. EEG Changes and Balance Deficits Following Concussion: One Piece of the Puzzle
James W.G. Thompson
Part 5:. Clinical Coverage of Sport-Related Concussions
16. Concussion Management: What is Our Role?

Gunderson, Leonard L. - Intraoperative Irradiation, ebook

Intraoperative Irradiation

Gunderson, Leonard L.


Gastric Cancer
Rafael Martinez-Monge, Miren Gaztañaga, Javier Álvarez-Cienfuegos, Robert C. Miller, Felipe A. Calvo
13. Pancreas Cancer
Robert C. Miller, Vincenzo Valentini, Adyr Moss, Giuseppe R. D’Agostino, Matthew