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Brook, Heather - Conjugal Rites, ebook

Conjugal Rites

Brook, Heather


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Proposals and Propositions
Heather Brook
2. Theorizing Conjugality
Heather Brook
3. Making Marriage: Validity and Nullity
Heather Brook
4. Union: Adultery and Other Sexual Performatives

Bukasa, Peter Kankonde - Routes and Rites to the City, ebook

Routes and Rites to the City

Bukasa, Peter Kankonde


Routes and Rites to the City: Introduction
Matthew Wilhelm-Solomon, Lorena Núñez, Peter Kankonde, Bettina Malcomess
2. Valleys of Salt in the House of God: Religious Re-territorialisation and Urban Space
Bettina Malcomess, Matthew Wilhelm-Solomon

Eagleton, Terry - Holy Terror, ebook

Holy Terror

Eagleton, Terry


Terry Eagleton traces a genealogy from ancient rites and rituals, as notably articulated in classical drama... Copying to clipboard limited to 5 samples

Cheliotis, Leonidas K. - Roots, Rites and Sites of Resistance, ebook

Roots, Rites and Sites of Resistance

Cheliotis, Leonidas K.


Roots, Rites and Sites of Resistance: The Banality of Good — An Introduction
Leonidas K. Cheliotis
2. Values, Crisis and Resistance: Prospects for Freedom Reconsidered
Spiros Gangas
3. Narcissism, Humanism and the Revolutionary Character in Erich

Sterling, Cheryl - African Roots, Brazilian Rites, ebook

African Roots, Brazilian Rites

Sterling, Cheryl


Table of contents
1. Introduction: What Roots? Which Routes?
Cheryl Sterling
2. Where Is Africa in the Nation? History as Transformative Praxis
Cheryl Sterling
3. Ritual Encounters and Performative Moments
Cheryl Sterling

Arnheim, Michael - U.S. Constitution For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, ebook

U.S. Constitution For Dummies®

Arnheim, Michael


An in-depth look at the defining document of America
Want to make sense of the U.S. Constitution? This plain-English guide walks you through this revered document, explaining how the articles and amendments came to be and how they have guided legislators,…

Hesmondhalgh, David - Why Music Matters, ebook

Why Music Matters

Hesmondhalgh, David

From 26,20€

Listen to David Hesmondhalgh discuss the arguments at the core of 'Why Music Matters' with Laurie Taylor on BBC Radio 4's Thinking Allowed here.
In what ways might music enrich the lives of people and of societies? What prevents it from doing so?…

Simmons, Clare A. - Popular Medievalism in Romantic-Era Britain, ebook

Popular Medievalism in Romantic-Era Britain

Simmons, Clare A.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Popular Medievalism and the Romantic Ethos
Clare A. Simmons
2. Rites and Rights: The Topography of Ancient British Law
Clare A. Simmons
3. Taking Medievalism Home: The National Melody
Clare A. Simmons
4. Medievalism Onstage in the French Revolutionary Era

Thompson, J. Lee - Theodore Roosevelt Abroad, ebook

Theodore Roosevelt Abroad

Thompson, J. Lee


Table of contents
1. The Old Lion Departs
J. Lee Thompson
2. The Great Adventure Begins
J. Lee Thompson
3. A Lion Roars in East Africa
J. Lee Thompson
4. White Rhino and Giant Eland
J. Lee Thompson
5. Down the Nile: Khartoum to Cairo
J. Lee Thompson
6. European Whirl
J. Lee Thompson