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Boyce, Tim - Project Risk Management - The Commercial Dimension, ebook

Project Risk Management - The Commercial Dimension

Boyce, Tim


This Report is different and relevant now because: - Despite modern tools and models, projects are becoming more complex and so more subject to risk - Increasing use of litigation means that managers must now have a much sharper commercial grasp - It introduces the concept of Total

Koulafetis, Panayiota - Modern Credit Risk Management, ebook

Modern Credit Risk Management

Koulafetis, Panayiota


Chapter 2: Quantitative Credit Risk Analysis and Management
Panayiota Koulafetis
3. Chapter 3: Credit Ratings: Credit Rating Agencies, Rating Process and Surveillance
Panayiota Koulafetis
4. Chapter 4: Credit Risk

Bessis, Joel - Risk Management in Banking, ebook

Risk Management in Banking

Bessis, Joel


The seminal guide to risk management, streamlined and updated
Risk Management in Banking is a comprehensive reference for the risk management industry, covering all aspects

Moosa, Imad A. - Operational Risk Management, ebook

Operational Risk Management

Moosa, Imad A.


Modeling and Measuring Operational Risk: General Principles
Imad A. Moosa
7. Modeling and Measuring Operational Risk: Implementing the AMA
Imad A. Moosa
8. The Management of