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Arnoldi, Jakob - Risk, ebook


Arnoldi, Jakob


This book gives a comprehensive yet easily accessible introduction to risk and uncertainty as they have been analysed in sociology and related social sciences. The book draws extensively on the wide array of contemporary social theories of risk and relates

Boyce, Tim - Project Risk Management - The Commercial Dimension, ebook

Project Risk Management - The Commercial Dimension

Boyce, Tim


This Report is different and relevant now because: - Despite modern tools and models, projects are becoming more complex and so more subject to risk - Increasing use of litigation means that managers must now have a much sharper commercial grasp - It introduces the concept of Total

Moore, Keith M. - Risk Arbitrage: An Investor's Guide, ebook

Risk Arbitrage: An Investor's Guide

Moore, Keith M.


The definitive guide to risk arbitrage, fully updated with new laws, cases, and techniques
Risk Arbitrage is the definitive guide to the field and features a comprehensive overview of the theory, techniques, and tools that traders and risk managers

 - Risk Analysis, ebook

Risk Analysis


Risk Analysis, Second Edition
Terje Aven, University of Stavanger, Norway
A practical guide to the varied challenges presented in the ever-growing field of risk analysis.
Risk Analysis presents an accessible and concise guide to performing

Jablonowski, Mark - Risk Dilemmas, ebook

Risk Dilemmas

Jablonowski, Mark


Table of contents
1. A Review of High-Stakes Decision Criteria
Mark Jablonowski
2. Finding Alternatives to Risk
Mark Jablonowski
3. Risk Avoidance: All or Nothing
Mark Jablonowski
4. Precaution in Context
Mark Jablonowski
5. A Reassessment of Risk Assessment
Mark Jablonowski
6. Can