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Stavenhagen, Rodolfo - Pioneer on Indigenous Rights, ebook

Pioneer on Indigenous Rights

Stavenhagen, Rodolfo


The Author’s Relevant Papers on Indigenous Rights and Other Topics: Selective Bibliography
Rodolfo Stavenhagen
3. Seven Fallacies About Latin America (1965)
Rodolfo Stavenhagen
4. Decolonializing Applied Social Sciences (1971)
Rodolfo Stavenhagen

Budde, Rebecca - ‘Children Out of Place’ and Human Rights, ebook

‘Children Out of Place’ and Human Rights

Budde, Rebecca


The Greatest Violation of Children’s Rights Is That We Do Not Know Enough About Their Lives or Care Enough to Find Out More
Per Miljeteig, Judith Ennew
4. Thinking About Street Children and Orphans in Africa: Beyond Survival
Michael Bourdillon

Guia, Maria João - Immigration Detention, Risk and Human Rights, ebook

Immigration Detention, Risk and Human Rights

Guia, Maria João


Immigration Detention, Risk and Human Rights in the Law of the European Union. Lessons from the Returns Directive
Valsamis Mitsilegas
4. Immigration Detention and Non-removability Before the European Court of Human Rights
Marloes Anne Vrolijk
5. Immigration

Sacco, Peter - Right Now Enough is Enough!, ebook

Right Now Enough is Enough!

Sacco, Peter


This is a book for anyone who suffers from addiction, contends with bad habits, possesses negative thinking patterns, or is held captive by their addictive personality. Information and methods in this book for treating addictions and habits have taken a decade to put together compiling

Greetham, Bryan - Thinking Skills for Professionals, ebook

Thinking Skills for Professionals

Greetham, Bryan


Conceptual Thinking — Analysis 1: Second-Order Thinking
Bryan Greetham
7. Conceptual Thinking — Analysis 2: The Three-Step Technique
Bryan Greetham
8. Conceptual Thinking: Synthesis
Bryan Greetham

Calabrese, Andrew - Communication Rights and Social Justice, ebook

Communication Rights and Social Justice

Calabrese, Andrew


Communication Rights and the History of Ideas
Cees J. Hamelink
3. Communication Rights and Media Justice between Political and Discursive Opportunities: An Historical Perspective
Stefania Milan, Claudia Padovani