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Parker, John - African History: A Very Short Introduction, ebook

African History: A Very Short Introduction

Parker, John


Essential reading for anyone interested in the African continent and the diversity of human history, this Very Short Introduction looks at Africa's past and reflects on the changing ways it has been imagined and represented. Key themes in current thinking…

Parker, James D. A. - Assessing Emotional Intelligence, ebook

Assessing Emotional Intelligence

Parker, James D. A.


Parker, Kateryna V. Keefer
6. Psychometric Properties of the Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue)
K. V. Petrides
7. The Genos Emotional Intelligence Inventory: A Measure Designed Specifically for Workplace Applications
Benjamin R. Palmer,

Poulin, Marc J. - Integration in Respiratory Control, ebook

Integration in Respiratory Control

Poulin, Marc J.


Turner, Christopher Butterworth, Matthew Parker, John Wilson, Susan A. Ward
36. Exercise-induced Respiratory Muscle Work: Effects on Blood Flow, Fatigue and Performance
J. A. Dempsey, J. D. Miller, L. Romer, M. Amann, C. A. Smith
37. Phase Relations Between