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Reynolds, Bryan - Transversal Subjects, ebook

Transversal Subjects

Reynolds, Bryan


Fugitive Rehearsals: The Ferality of Kaspar Hauser, Playground Performances, and the Transversality of Children
Bryan Reynolds, Donovan Sherman
5. Civilizing Subjects, or Not: Montaigne’s Guide to Modernity, Agamben’s Exception, and Human Rights after Derrida

Reynolds, David S. - Walt Whitman, ebook

Walt Whitman

Reynolds, David S.


Reynolds offers a wealth of insight into the life and work of Whitman, examining the author through the lens of nineteenth-century America. Reynolds shows how Whitman responded to contemporary theater, music, painting, photography,

Reynolds, Kimberley - Radical Children’s Literature, ebook

Radical Children’s Literature

Reynolds, Kimberley


Baby, You’re the Best: Sex and Sexuality in Contemporary Juvenile Fiction
Kimberley Reynolds
7. Frightening Fiction: The Transformative Power of Fear
Kimberley Reynolds
8. Back to the Future? New Forms and Formats