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McArdle, Karen - Freedom Research in Education, ebook

Freedom Research in Education

McArdle, Karen


Table of contents
1. Introducing Freedom Research
Karen McArdle
2. The Social Context of Research and Inquiry
Karen McArdle
3. Freedom from Orthodoxy
Karen McArdle
4. Identity and the Freedom Researcher
Karen McArdle
5. Creativity in Freedom Research
Karen McArdle
6. Educational Values

Cleland, Jennifer - Researching Medical Education, ebook

Researching Medical Education

Cleland, Jennifer


Researching Medical Education is an authoritative guide to excellence in educational research in the health professions. Presented by the Association for the Study of Medical Education

Danaher, Patrick Alan - Navigating the Education Research Maze, ebook

Navigating the Education Research Maze

Danaher, Patrick Alan


Navigating, Negotiating and Nullifying Education Research Mazes: Successful Strategies for Mobilising Contextual, Conceptual, Methodological and Transformational Challenges and Opportunities
Patrick Alan Danaher, Dolene Rossi,

Klein, Sheri R. - Action Research Methods, ebook

Action Research Methods

Klein, Sheri R.


Action Research: Before You Dive In, Read This!
Sheri R. Klein
2. Interviews
Faith Agostinone-Wilson
3. Participant Observation
Gail A. Zieman
4. A Case for Case Study Research in Education
Kit Grauer
5. Visual Research, Visual Data

Teo, Timothy - Handbook of Quantitative Methods for Educational Research, ebook

Handbook of Quantitative Methods for Educational Research

Teo, Timothy


Table of contents
Section 1. Measurement Theory
1. Psychometrics
Mark Wilson, Perman Gochyyev
2. Classical Test Theory
Ze Wang, Steven J. Osterlind
3. Item Response Theory
Xitao Fan, Shaojing Sun
Section 2. Methods of Analysis
4. Multiple Regression
Ken Kelley, Jocelyn H. H. Bolin

Moss, Julianne - Visual Research Methods in Educational Research, ebook

Visual Research Methods in Educational Research

Moss, Julianne


Reading Images of School Buildings and Spaces: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue on Visual Research in Histories of Progressive Education
Julie McLeod, Philip Goad, Julie Willis, Kate Darian-Smith
3. On Using Found Object Photographs in School Research