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Koepsell, David - Scientific Integrity and Research Ethics, ebook

Scientific Integrity and Research Ethics

Koepsell, David


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Scientific Integrity and Research Ethics
David Koepsell
2. Research (Mis)Conduct
David Koepsell
3. Issues of Authorship
David Koepsell
4. Issues in Intellectual Property and Science
David Koepsell
5. Conflicts of Interest
David Koepsell
6. Autonomy,

Speight, James G. - Ethics in the University, ebook

Ethics in the University

Speight, James G.


  The causes of misconduct are manifold whether it is the need to advance in a chosen discipline or to compete successfully for and obtain research funding.  Disappointingly, individuals who are oriented to any form of dishonesty are individuals who had previously

Mertz, Marcel - Ethics and Governance of Biomedical Research, ebook

Ethics and Governance of Biomedical Research

Mertz, Marcel


Should Research Ethics Encourage the Production of Cost-Effective Interventions?
Govind Persad
3. From Altruists to Workers: What Claims Should Healthy Participants in Phase I Trials Have Against Trial Employers?

Silverman, Henry - Research Ethics in the Arab Region, ebook

Research Ethics in the Arab Region

Silverman, Henry


What Kind of Research Ethics for the Arab Region?
Henry Silverman
4. Exploitation and the Matter of History
Robert Wachbroit
5. Research Involving Persons Likely to be Vulnerable
Nahed M. Ali
6. Ethical

Resnik, David B. - The Ethics of Research with Human Subjects, ebook

The Ethics of Research with Human Subjects

Resnik, David B.


Trust as a Foundation for Research with Human Subjects
David B. Resnik
5. Informed Consent
David B. Resnik
6. Privacy and Confidentiality
David B. Resnik
7. Risks
David B. Resnik
8. Benefits
David B. Resnik
9. Vulnerable Subjects

Arthur, James - Varieties of Virtue Ethics, ebook

Varieties of Virtue Ethics

Arthur, James


Virtue Ethics in the Medieval Period
John Haldane
6. Iris Murdoch and the Varieties of Virtue Ethics
Konrad Banicki
7. Confucian and Daoist Virtue Ethics
May Sim
Part II. Virtue Ethics in the Wider Academic

Ducu, Cristian - Ethics and Neuromarketing, ebook

Ethics and Neuromarketing

Ducu, Cristian


Ethical and Legal Considerations in Research Subject and Data Protection
Eugenia Laureckis, Àlex Martínez Miralpeix
6. Transparency and Reliability in Neuromarketing Research
Arianna Trettel, Patrizia Cherubino, Giulia Cartocci, Dario Rossi, Enrica Modica,