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Parry, Trish - Statistics in Clinical Research, ebook

Statistics in Clinical Research

Parry, Trish


Statistics has its own distinctive concepts and vocabulary and anybody who works in clinical trials will need to be familiar with these. This monograph provides a clear explanation of these and should suit all readers, even those with no specific training…

Kermani, Faiz - Marketing and Public Relations in Clinical Research, ebook

Marketing and Public Relations in Clinical Research

Kermani, Faiz


Marketing and PR are essential parts of the pharmaceutical industry and its associated sectors. As an industry, we would be unable to operate without creativity and innovation where marketing and PR ensure that products are placed on the market and become…

Meeson, Julie - A Pocket Guide to the EU Directive, ebook

A Pocket Guide to the EU Directive

Meeson, Julie


This book provides you with the essential knowledge of how the EU Directive has affected clinical research and how to apply these new changes to your work. Please note: Minimum 5% printing. Not to be forwarded or text copied.