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Jenssen, Till - Glances at Renewable and Sustainable Energy, ebook

Glances at Renewable and Sustainable Energy

Jenssen, Till


Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis of Renewable Heating Supply Technologies in Germany
Daniel Zech
4. Ecological Footprint: The Example of Gauteng Region
Enver Doruk Özdemir, Sheetal Dattatraya Marathe
5. Social Costs of On-Shore Wind Energy in Europe

Cook, Terence - Renewable Energy, ebook

Renewable Energy

Cook, Terence


Spreading Renewables: The EU and Beyond
David Elliott, Terence Cook
3. Spreading Renewables South: Into Africa
David Elliott, Terence Cook
4. Supporting and Promoting Renewables in Africa
David Elliott, Terence

Uyar, Tanay Sidki - Towards 100% Renewable Energy, ebook

Towards 100% Renewable Energy

Uyar, Tanay Sidki


Sustainable Energy Transition: Local Governments as Key Actors
Maryke Staden
3. Institutionalization of Solar Cities Development
Jong-dall Kim
4. State-of-the-Art and New Technologies of Direct Drive Wind Turbines
Klinger Friedrich, Müller Lukas

Sunderasan, Srinivasan - Rational Exuberance for Renewable Energy, ebook

Rational Exuberance for Renewable Energy

Sunderasan, Srinivasan


Table of contents
1. Infant Industry and Incentive Structures
Srinivasan Sunderasan
2. Renewable Energy Technology: Market Development, Subsidy Policy and the Enlargement of Choice
Srinivasan Sunderasan
3. Economic Rents and the Power of Scarcity
Srinivasan Sunderasan
4. Revealed Preferences and the

Copping, Andrea - Marine Renewable Energy, ebook

Marine Renewable Energy

Copping, Andrea


Wave Energy Assessments: Quantifying the Resource and Understanding the Uncertainty
Bryson Robertson
2. Wave Energy Resources Along the European Atlantic Coast
Philippe Gleizon, Francisco Campuzano, Pablo Carracedo,