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Banks, Kathryn - Movement in Renaissance Literature, ebook

Movement in Renaissance Literature

Banks, Kathryn


The Gunpowder Revolution in Literature: Early Modern Wounds in Folengo and Rabelais
Guillemette Bolens
7. The Finger in the Eye: Jacques Duval’s Traité des Hermaphrodits (1612)
Dominique Brancher
8. Exchanging Hands in Titus Andronicus

Hutson, Lorna - Literature, Politics and Law in Renaissance England, ebook

Literature, Politics and Law in Renaissance England

Hutson, Lorna


Introduction: Renaissance, Law and Literature
Erica Sheen, Lorna Hutson
2. Amici curiae: Lawful Manhood and Other Juristic Performances in Renaissance England
Peter Goodrich
3. Instigating Treason: the Life and Death of Henry Cuffe, Secretary

Gilman, Sander L. - Other Renaissances, ebook

Other Renaissances

Gilman, Sander L.


Suppressed Renaissance Q: When Is a Renaissance Not a Renaissance? A: When It Is the Ottoman Renaissance!
Walter G. Andrews
3. The People’s Entertainments: Translation, Popular Fiction,

Botelho, Keith M. - Renaissance Earwitnesses, ebook

Renaissance Earwitnesses

Botelho, Keith M.


Table of contents
1. Introduction Buzz, Buzz: Rumor in Early Modern England
Keith M. Botelho
2. Table Talk: Marlowe’s Mouthy Men
Keith M. Botelho
3. Bruits and Britons: Rumor, Counsel, and the Henriad
Keith M. Botelho
4. “I…

Raspa, Anthony - Shakespeare the Renaissance Humanist, ebook

Shakespeare the Renaissance Humanist

Raspa, Anthony


Table of contents
1. Shakespeare, the Critics, and Humanism
Anthony Raspa
2. Metaphysics as the Way Things Are: King John and Hamlet
Anthony Raspa
3. The Wisdom of King Lear
Anthony Raspa
4. Macbeth’s Imagination as Fatal…