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Martikainen, Tuomas - Immigrant Religions in Local Society, ebook

Immigrant Religions in Local Society

Martikainen, Tuomas


Immigrant Religions in Local Society Historical and Contemporary Perspectives in the City of Turku International migration is a major agent of religious change in the contemporary, globalising world. Immigrant religious communities have received substantial scholary attention during

Schewel, Ben - Religion and European Society: A Primer, ebook

Religion and European Society: A Primer

Schewel, Ben


A contemporary examination of the role of religion in the European public sphere and beyond 
Although the role of religion has arguably declined in the societies of Western and Northern Europe, religious participation

Fatton, Robert - Religion, State, and Society, ebook

Religion, State, and Society

Fatton, Robert


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Robert Fatton, R. K. Ramazani
Part I. The American Experience: The Jeffersonian Wall of Separation between Church and State
2. Thomas Jefferson’s Christian Nation
Peter Onuf
3. Beyond Locke, Beyond Belief
Jack N. Rakove
4. “Separation” Abroad
Robert M.

Aslan, Ednan - Religion and Violence, ebook

Religion and Violence

Aslan, Ednan


Violence and Religion: A Complex Relationship
Wolfgang Palaver
5. The Integration of Muslims and the Charlie Hebdo Attacks
Claude Dargent
6. Eastern Orthodox Perspectives on Violence
Emil Bjørn Hilton Saggau
Part I. Religion and Violence

Foltz, Richard - Religions of the Silk Road, ebook

Religions of the Silk Road

Foltz, Richard


Table of contents
1. The Silk Road and Its Travelers
Richard Foltz
2. Religion and Trade in Ancient Eurasia
Richard Foltz
3. Buddhism and the Silk Road
Richard Foltz
4. A Refuge of Heretics: Nestorians and Manichaeans on the Silk Road
Richard Foltz
5. The Islamization of the Silk Road

Ropi, Ismatu - Religion and Regulation in Indonesia, ebook

Religion and Regulation in Indonesia

Ropi, Ismatu


Negotiating Boundaries of Religion Roles in the State System
Ismatu Ropi
6. Religion and the Intrusive Constitutions
Ismatu Ropi
7. Ketuhanan Yang Maha Esa: Contests of Meaning and Interpretation
Ismatu Ropi
8. The Ministry of Religious

Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, Elena - Intersections of Religion and Migration, ebook

Intersections of Religion and Migration

Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, Elena


Religion and Experiences of Migration
2. Religion as Psychological, Spiritual, and Social Support in the Migration Undertaking
Holly Straut Eppsteiner, Jacqueline Hagan
3. Living Religious Practices
Kim Knott
4. The Challenges of Migration and the

Chau, Adam Yuet - Religion in China: Ties that Bind, ebook

Religion in China: Ties that Bind

Chau, Adam Yuet


Looking beyond numerical counts of religious practitioners, temples, and churches, anthropologist Adam Yuet Chau's vivid study explores how religion is embedded in contemporary Chinese lives and society, from personal devotion