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Cochrane, James R. - Religion and the Health of the Public, ebook

Religion and the Health of the Public

Cochrane, James R.


The Health of the Public and the Religious Mind: Connections and Disconnections
Gary R. Gunderson, James R. Cochrane
3. Religious Health Assets: What Religion Brings to Health of the Public
Gary R. Gunderson, James

Verhagen, Peter - Religion and Psychiatry: Beyond Boundaries, ebook

Religion and Psychiatry: Beyond Boundaries

Verhagen, Peter


With contributions from psychiatrists, psychologists and theologians from around the world, Religion and Psychiatry is a comprehensive account of the interplay between psychiatry and religion, covering all the major world religions.

Frumkin, Howard - Environmental Health: From Global to Local, ebook

Environmental Health: From Global to Local

Frumkin, Howard


Environmental Health: From Global to Local offers students a comprehensive introduction to environmental health. It provides an overview of methods and paradigms used in this exciting field, ranging from ecology to epidemiology, from toxicology to environmental

Boufford, Jo Ivey - Urban Health: Global Perspectives, ebook

Urban Health: Global Perspectives

Boufford, Jo Ivey

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In the twentieth century, the urban settings of the wealthy nations were largely associated with opportunity, accumulation of wealth, and better health than their rural counterparts. In the twenty-first century, demographic changes, globalization, and climate change are having important