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Long, David E. - Evolution and Religion in American Education, ebook

Evolution and Religion in American Education

Long, David E.


Evolution Education: A Lay of the Land
David E. Long
3. Evolution and the End of a World
David E. Long
4. Evolution and Religion
David E. Long
5. Evolution and the Structure of Worldview Change
David E. Long
6. Evolution, the University,

Sjöborg, Anders - Religion, Education and Human Rights, ebook

Religion, Education and Human Rights

Sjöborg, Anders


Examining Religious Education in Finland from a Human Rights Perspective
Saila Poulter, Arniika Kuusisto, Mia Malama, Arto Kallioniemi
5. Silent Religious Minorities in Schools in Estonia
Olga Schihalejev, Ringo Ringvee
6. May Children Attend Church

Lischke-Eisinger, Lisa - Sinn, Werte und Religion in der Elementarpädagogik, ebook

Sinn, Werte und Religion in der Elementarpädagogik

Lischke-Eisinger, Lisa


Table of contents
1. Einleitung
Lisa Lischke-Eisinger
2. Ausgangssituation und gesellschaftspolitische Relevanz der Thematik
Lisa Lischke-Eisinger
3. Religion und Religionsfreiheit im Bereich der Elementarpädagogik
Lisa Lischke-Eisinger
4. Der Orientierungsplan und seine Bedeutung für die Auseinandersetzung

Davie, Grace - Religion in Britain: A Persistent Paradox, ebook

Religion in Britain: A Persistent Paradox

Davie, Grace


Religion in Britain evaluates and sheds light on the religious situation in twenty-first century Britain; it explores the country’s increasing secularity alongside religion’s growing presence in public debate, and the impact of this paradox on Britain’s

Aslan, Ednan - Religion and Violence, ebook

Religion and Violence

Aslan, Ednan


Violence and Religion: A Complex Relationship
Wolfgang Palaver
5. The Integration of Muslims and the Charlie Hebdo Attacks
Claude Dargent
6. Eastern Orthodox Perspectives on Violence
Emil Bjørn Hilton Saggau
Part I. Religion and Violence

Wane, Njoki N. - Spirituality, Education & Society, ebook

Spirituality, Education & Society

Wane, Njoki N.


Table of contents
1. Situating Children in the Discourse of Spirituality
Susannah Cole
2. Connected
Eric J. Ritskes
3. Nourishing the Authentic Self
Lisa Hart
4. Spirituality and Its Relevance for the Contemplative Educator