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Fischer, Kurt - Relativity for Everyone, ebook

Relativity for Everyone

Fischer, Kurt


Table of contents
1. Light, Matter, and Energy
Kurt Fischer
2. Light, Time, Mass, and Length
Kurt Fischer
3. Light, Electricity, and Magnetism
Kurt Fischer
4. Acceleration and Inertia
Kurt Fischer
5. Inertia and Gravity
Kurt Fischer
6. Equivalence Principle in Action
Kurt Fischer

Hraskó, Péter - Basic Relativity, ebook

Basic Relativity

Hraskó, Péter


Table of contents
1. From Time Dilation to E 0 = mc 2
Péter Hraskó
2. The Lorentz-Transformation
Péter Hraskó
3. General Relativity
Péter Hraskó
4. Concluding Remarks
Péter Hraskó
5. Selected Problems…

Das, Anadijiban - The General Theory of Relativity, ebook

The General Theory of Relativity

Das, Anadijiban


Table of contents
1. Tensor Analysis on Differentiable Manifolds
Anadijiban Das, Andrew DeBenedictis
2. The Pseudo-Riemannian Space-Time Manifold M4
Anadijiban Das, Andrew DeBenedictis
3. Spherically Symmetric Space-Time Domains

Blanchet, Luc - Mass and Motion in General Relativity, ebook

Mass and Motion in General Relativity

Blanchet, Luc


Post-Newtonian Theory and the Two-Body Problem
Luc Blanchet
6. Post-Newtonian Methods: Analytic Results on the Binary Problem
Gerhard Schäfer
7. The Effective One-Body Description of the Two-Body Problem
Thibault Damour, Alessandro Nagar

Benedetto, Elmo - De Sitter Projective Relativity, ebook

De Sitter Projective Relativity

Benedetto, Elmo


De Sitter Relativity: A Sixty-Year-Long Story
Ignazio Licata, Leonardo Chiatti, Elmo Benedetto
2. Steps Towards the De Sitter Relativity
Ignazio Licata, Leonardo Chiatti, Elmo Benedetto
3. Projective Special Relativity
Ignazio Licata, Leonardo

Natario, Jose - General Relativity Without Calculus, ebook

General Relativity Without Calculus

Natario, Jose


Table of contents
1. Special Relativity
José Natário
2. Minkowski Geometry
José Natário
3. Non-Euclidean Geometry
José Natário
4. Gravity
José Natário
5. General Relativity
José Natário
6. The Schwarzschild…

Forshaw, Jeffrey - Dynamics and Relativity, ebook

Dynamics and Relativity

Forshaw, Jeffrey


A new title in the Manchester Physics Series, this introductory text emphasises physical principles behind classical mechanics and relativity. It assumes little in the way of prior knowledge, introducing relevant mathematics and carefully developing it within a physics context. Designed