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Klaesson, Johan - Metropolitan Regions, ebook

Metropolitan Regions

Klaesson, Johan


Scenarios for European Metropolitan Regions: Winners and Losers in a Globalized World
Roberta Capello, Ugo Fratesi
10. Metropolitan Regions and Export Renewal
Lina Bjerke, Charlie Karlsson
11. Market-Size and Employment

Howkins, Adrian - The Polar Regions: An Environmental History, ebook

The Polar Regions: An Environmental History

Howkins, Adrian


This book also argues that the Polar Regions are strongly linked to the rest of the world, both through physical processes and through intellectual and political themes. As places of inherent contradiction, the Polar Regions have

Harata, Noboru - Sustainable City Regions:, ebook

Sustainable City Regions:

Harata, Noboru


Strategy for a Sustainable Transportation System in City Regions: Strategic Approaches and Consensus Building
Noboru Harata
Part II.China Korea Indonesia Thailand
3. Governing Urban Development in Dualistic Societies: A Case Study of the Urban Region of

Aasland, Aadne - Governance in Russian Regions, ebook

Governance in Russian Regions

Aasland, Aadne


Table of contents
1. Preface
Sabine Kropp
2. The Russian State as Network Manager: A Theoretical Framework
Mikkel Berg-Nordlie, Jørn Holm-Hansen, Sabine Kropp
3. Adjusting the Scope of Interaction Between State and Civil Society: HIV…

Gill, Graeme - Politics in the Russian Regions, ebook

Politics in the Russian Regions

Gill, Graeme


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Power and the Russian Regions
Graeme Gill
2. Russia’s Ethnofederalism: Under-Institutionalized, Not Self-Sustaining
Andreas Heinemann-Grüder
3. Federalism and Defederalization in a Country in Transition:…

Fioramonti, Lorenzo - Regions and Crises, ebook

Regions and Crises

Fioramonti, Lorenzo


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Regionalism in Times of Crises
1. Introduction: Regionalism in Times of Crises
Lorenzo Fioramonti
Part I. Crises, Regionalism and the Future of European Integration
2. Crisis and Regional Integration:…