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Chignell, Hugh - Regional Aesthetics, ebook

Regional Aesthetics

Chignell, Hugh


Gi’ It Some ’Ommer: ITV Regional Programming and the Performance of the Black Country
Julie E. Robinson
10. A Post-War History of Radio for the Asian Community in Leicester
Gloria Khamkar
11. The Teliesyn Co-operative: National Broadcasting, Production

Kiwan, Nadia - Cultural Globalization and Music, ebook

Cultural Globalization and Music

Kiwan, Nadia


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Networks and Transnational Movements: A Theoretical and Methodological Challenge to Migration Research
Nadia Kiwan, Ulrike Hanna Meinhof
Part 1. The View from the South
2. Translocal Networking in Madagascar…

Mitra, Subrata K. - Citizenship as Cultural Flow, ebook

Citizenship as Cultural Flow

Mitra, Subrata K.


Introduction: Citizenship as Cultural Flow—Shifting Paradigms, Hybridization, or Plus ça Change?
Subrata K. Mitra
2. From T.H. Marshall to Jawaharlal Nehru: Citizenship as Vision and Strategy
Jivanta Schoettli
3. Reluctant and Excluded Citizens,

Bramall, Rebecca - The Cultural Politics of Austerity, ebook

The Cultural Politics of Austerity

Bramall, Rebecca


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Austere Times
Rebecca Bramall
2. On Being ‘Inside’ Austerity: Austerity Chic, Consumer Culture, and Anti-austerity Protest
Rebecca Bramall
3. The Past in the Present: History, Memory, Ideology,…

Parent, Sabrina - Cultural Representations of Massacre, ebook

Cultural Representations of Massacre

Parent, Sabrina


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Sabrina Parent
Chapter 1. Historical Background and Representations of Thiaroye
2. Historical Background and Representations of Thiaroye
Sabrina Parent
Part 1. Representations of Thiaroye in Colonial…

Meusburger, Peter - Cultural Memories, ebook

Cultural Memories

Meusburger, Peter


Knowledge, Cultural Memory, and Politics
Peter Meusburger
5. The Rütli in Switzerland: Minor Memory—Major Ambitions
Georg Kreis
6. Sharing Space? Geography and Politics in Post-conflict Northern Ireland
Brian Graham
7. Memory—Recollection—Culture—Identity—Space:

Hanson, F. Allan - Technology and Cultural Tectonics, ebook

Technology and Cultural Tectonics

Hanson, F. Allan


Table of contents
1. The Technological Society
F. Allan Hanson
2. Honor Thy Father(s) and Thy Mother(s)
F. Allan Hanson
3. All in the Family
F. Allan Hanson
4. Prenatal Testing and Its Discontents
F. Allan Hanson

Lewis, J. Lowell - The Anthropology of Cultural Performance, ebook

The Anthropology of Cultural Performance

Lewis, J. Lowell


Table of contents
1. Special Events and Everyday Life
J. Lowell Lewis
2. Play as Performance: Exploring P/p Relations
J. Lowell Lewis
3. Rituals and Ritual-Like Genres
J. Lowell Lewis
4. Performative Processes: Types of P/p Relations
J. Lowell Lewis
5. Embodiment, Emplacement, and Cultural

Flisfeder, Matthew - Žižek and Media Studies, ebook

Žižek and Media Studies

Flisfeder, Matthew


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Matthew Flisfeder, Louis-Paul Willis
Part I. Media, Ideology, and Politics
2. Žižek’s Reception: Fifty Shades of Gray Ideology
Paul A. Taylor
3. The Sublime Absolute: Althusser, Žižek, and…