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Ralston, D. Christopher - Philosophical Reflections on Disability, ebook

Philosophical Reflections on Disability

Ralston, D. Christopher


Introduction: Philosophical Reflections on Disability
D. Christopher Ralston, Justin Ho
2. An Essay on Modeling: The Social Model of Disability
Anita Silvers
3. Ability, Competence and Qualification: Fundamental Concepts in the Philosophy of Disability

Phinnemore, David - Reflections on European Integration, ebook

Reflections on European Integration

Phinnemore, David


Some Reflections on 50 Years of Experience since the Signature of the Treaties of Rome
Helen Wallace
3. Bringing People and Ideas Back in: Historical Research on the European Union
Wolfram Kaiser
Part II. Institutional and Policy Developments

Reflections of War and Death

Reflections of War and Death

Freud, Sigmund


Anyone, as Freud tells us in Reflections on War and Death, forced to react against his own impulses may be described as a hypocrite, whether he is conscious of it or not. One might even venture to assert - it is still Freud's argument - that our contemporary civilisation favours this sort

Goldberg, Zachary J. - Reflections on Ethics and Responsibility, ebook

Reflections on Ethics and Responsibility

Goldberg, Zachary J.


Table of contents
1. Individual and Collective Responsibility
Andrew C. Khoury
2. Monsters and Their Makers: Group Agency Without Moral Agency
Maike Albertzart
3. French’s Influence on the Modern Discussion of Corporate Criminal Liability: The Case of Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Compliance

Wright, Stephen - Reflections on Spirituality and Health, ebook

Reflections on Spirituality and Health

Wright, Stephen


This is a scholarly exploration of the subject of spirituality and health and is relevant to all health care practitioners and those who support them.
Drawing on the author' s rich personal experience in the field, his previously published material…

Mukherji, Nirmalangshu - Reflections on Human Inquiry, ebook

Reflections on Human Inquiry

Mukherji, Nirmalangshu


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Nirmalangshu Mukherji
2. Human Reality
Nirmalangshu Mukherji
3. Science and the Mind
Nirmalangshu Mukherji
4. Theories and Shifting Domains
Nirmalangshu Mukherji
5. The Sceptic and the…

Galparsoro, José Ignacio - Reflections on Naturalism, ebook

Reflections on Naturalism

Galparsoro, José Ignacio


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Alberto Cordero, José Ignacio Galparsoro
2. Metaphilosophy, Folk-Philosophy and Naturalized Philosophy
José Ignacio Galparsoro
3. Naturalism and the Mind
Pablo Quintanilla
4. Measuring Morality

Kingsbury, Damien - Critical Reflections on Development, ebook

Critical Reflections on Development

Kingsbury, Damien


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Damien Kingsbury
2. Reconceptualising Development: The Painful Job of Thinking
Andrew Hewett, Chris Roche
3. The g7+ Group of Fragile States: Towards Better International Engagement and Accountability…