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Picard, Didier - Nuclear Receptors: A Practical Approach, ebook

Nuclear Receptors: A Practical Approach

Picard, Didier


Univ. of Geneva, Switzerland. Practical guide and reference for researchers in the field. Includes tips for success in the laboratory. Discusses the nuclear receptor superfamily and how to identify ligands. Covers phosphorylation sites, receptor analysis,…

Levitan, Irena - Cholesterol Regulation of Ion Channels and Receptors, ebook

Cholesterol Regulation of Ion Channels and Receptors

Levitan, Irena


Examines new research on the role of cholesterol in regulating ion channels and receptors and its effect on health
Drawing together and analyzing all the latest research findings, this book explores the role of cholesterol in the regulation of ion channels and receptors,

Bugg, T. D. H. - Introduction to Enzyme and Coenzyme Chemistry, ebook

Introduction to Enzyme and Coenzyme Chemistry

Bugg, T. D. H.


Looking at enzymes from an organic chemistry perspective, this updated reference includes information on recent advances in our understanding of enzyme action; topical examples to illustrate key points; two-color figures of the active sites of enzymes…

Behrendt, Niels - Matrix Proteases in Health and Disease, ebook

Matrix Proteases in Health and Disease

Behrendt, Niels


Presenting a comprehensive overview of the multifaceted field of proteases in the extracellular matrix environment, this reference focuses on the recently elucidated functions of complex proteolytic systems in physiological and pathological tissue remodeling.…

Reymond, Jean-Louis - Enzyme Assays, ebook

Enzyme Assays

Reymond, Jean-Louis


Edited by one of the leading experts in the field, this book fills the need for a book presenting the most important methods for high-throughput screenings and functional characterization of enzymes. It adopts an interdisciplinary approach, making it…