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Lowe, Thomas - Central India during the Rebellion of 1857 and 1858, ebook

Central India during the Rebellion of 1857 and 1858

Lowe, Thomas


This is an account of the operations of the British Forces under Major-General Sir Hugh Rose, from the suppression of the mutiny in Arungabad, some 180 miles east of Bombay to the capture of Gwalior from the rebels and the reinstatement of the Maharajah.…

Andrews, Stuart - Irish Rebellion, ebook

Irish Rebellion

Andrews, Stuart


Table of contents
1. 1798: Bicentennial Verdict
Stuart Andrews
2. Musgrave’s Rebellions
Stuart Andrews
3. Musgrave as Reviewer
Stuart Andrews
4. Contrary Voices
Stuart Andrews
5. Debating the Union
Stuart Andrews

Kesselring, K. J. - The Northern Rebellion of 1569, ebook

The Northern Rebellion of 1569

Kesselring, K. J.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
K. J. Kesselring
2. An Impending Crisis?
K. J. Kesselring
3. The Rebellion in the North
K. J. Kesselring
4. The Rebels in Scotland
K. J. Kesselring
5. The Aftermath
K. J. Kesselring
6. Meanings and Memories
K. J. Kesselring
7. Conclusion

Weiler, Björn - Kingship, Rebellion and Political Culture, ebook

Kingship, Rebellion and Political Culture

Weiler, Björn


The Marshal Rebellion in England (1233–4)
Björn Weiler
3. Rebellion in Context
Björn Weiler
Part II. The Ideals and Norms of Politics
4. Loyalty, Justice and Honour: Henry (VII) and Frederick II
Björn Weiler
5. Justice, Loyalty and the

Boros, Diana - Creative Rebellion for the Twenty-First Century, ebook

Creative Rebellion for the Twenty-First Century

Boros, Diana


Everyday Rebellion: Using Tocqueville to Argue the Need for a Revitalization of American Society and Democracy Through Art
Diana Boros
3. The Coupling of the Dionysian and the Apollonian: Nietzsche and Transcendent Art
Diana Boros
4. Camus and the Transformative

Vaziri, Mostafa - Rumi and Shams’ Silent Rebellion, ebook

Rumi and Shams’ Silent Rebellion

Vaziri, Mostafa


Table of contents
1. The Need for a New Narrative of Rumi
Mostafa Vaziri
2. The Need for a New Interpretation of Shams and Rumi: Maqālāt and Divan
Mostafa Vaziri
3. Shams’ Rebellious Paradigm: Listening and Thinking Rumi