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Oldham, Keit - An Atlas of Functions, ebook

An Atlas of Functions

Oldham, Keit


The Semihyperbolic Functions b/a sqrt (x^2 a^2) And Their Reciprocals
Keith B. Oldham, Jan C. Myland, Jerome Spanier
17. The Quadratic Function ax 2+bx+c and Its Reciprocal
Keith B. Oldham, Jan C. Myland, Jerome Spanier
18. The

Jarnicki, Marek - Continuous Nowhere Differentiable Functions, ebook

Continuous Nowhere Differentiable Functions

Jarnicki, Marek


Table of contents
1. RETRACTED CHAPTER: Introduction: A Historical Journey
Marek Jarnicki, Peter Pflug
Part I. Classical Results
2. Preliminaries
Marek Jarnicki, Peter Pflug
3. Weierstrass-Type Functions I
Marek Jarnicki, Peter Pflug
4. Takagi–van der Waerden-Type Functions I
Marek Jarnicki,

Bruggeman, Roelof W. - Families of Automorphic Forms, ebook

Families of Automorphic Forms

Bruggeman, Roelof W.


Table of contents
1. Modular introduction
Roelof W. Bruggeman
Part I. General theory
2. Automorphic forms on the universal covering group
Roelof W. Bruggeman
3. Discrete subgroups
Roelof W. Bruggeman
4. Automorphic forms

Pachpatte, B.G. - Analytic Inequalities, ebook

Analytic Inequalities

Pachpatte, B.G.


Table of contents
1. Gru¨ss-and Cˇ ebysˇev-type Inequalities
B. G. Pachpatte
2. Multidimensional Gru¨ ss-Cˇ ebysˇev and-Trapezoid-type Inequalities
B. G. Pachpatte
3. Ostrowski-type Inequalities
B. G. Pachpatte
4. Multidimensional…

Bluttman, Ken - Excel Formulas and Functions For Dummies, ebook

Excel Formulas and Functions For Dummies

Bluttman, Ken


Learn to use Excel for practical, day-to-day calculations
Excel is a powerful program with more than 300 built-in functions that can be used to perform an almost infinite number of calculations. This friendly book shows you how to use the 150 most valuable ones in real-world