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Just, Tobias - Real Estate Due Diligence, ebook

Real Estate Due Diligence

Just, Tobias


Tax Due Diligence in Real Estate Transactions
Jesko Nobiling, Stephan Hoyer
4. Financial Due Diligence
Frank J. Matzen
5. Technical Due Diligence
Sebastian Reich

Suárez, José Luis - European Real Estate Markets, ebook

European Real Estate Markets

Suárez, José Luis


Indirect Investment in Real Estate: Listed Companies and Funds
José Luis Suárez
6. Real Estate Financing: Residential Mortgage Markets
José Luis Suárez
7. Financial Institutions’ Funding for Mortgage Lending

Mooya, Manya M. - Real Estate Valuation Theory, ebook

Real Estate Valuation Theory

Mooya, Manya M.


Standard Theory of Real Estate Market Value: Concepts and Problems
Manya M. Mooya
2. Aristotle to Marshall: The Evolution of Economic Value Theory
Manya M. Mooya
3. Neoclassical Economic Theory and Traditional Valuation

Barkham, Richard - Real Estate and Globalisation, ebook

Real Estate and Globalisation

Barkham, Richard

From 80,20€

2000 to 2010 was a remarkable decade for real estate. It started with the dot.com bubble and ended with the putative recovery from the Great Financial Crisis. The period in-between featured the world's first coordinated real