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Beneat, Jacques N. - RF and Microwave Electromagnetism, ebook

RF and Microwave Electromagnetism

Beneat, Jacques N.


Microwave and RF elements play an important role in communication systems and due to the proliferation of radars, satellites, and mobile systems there is a need for the study of Electromagnetism. This book provides basic knowledge for the microwave and

Sorrentino, R - Microwave and RF Engineering, ebook

Microwave and RF Engineering

Sorrentino, R


An essential text for both students and professionals, combing detailed theory with clear practical guidance
This outstanding book explores a large spectrum of topics within microwave and radio frequency (RF)

Grebennikov, Andrei - RF and Microwave Transmitter Design, ebook

RF and Microwave Transmitter Design

Grebennikov, Andrei

From 178,65€

RF and Microwave Transmitter Design is unique in its coverage of both historical transmitter design and cutting edge technologies. This text explores the results of well-known and new theoretical analyses, while informing readers of modern radio

Li, Richard C. - RF Circuit Design, ebook

RF Circuit Design

Li, Richard C.

From 165,55€

Summarizes the schemes and technologies in RF circuit design, describes the basic parameters of an RF system and the fundamentals of RF system design, and presents an introduction of the individual RF