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Parry, Ken - The Blackwell Companion to Eastern Christianity, ebook

The Blackwell Companion to Eastern Christianity

Parry, Ken


Covers both Byzantine traditions (such as the Greek, Russian and Georgian churches) and Oriental traditions (such as the Armenian, Coptic and Syrian churches) The volume’s in-depth articles are written by an international team of experts Contributes to our understanding of recent political events

Flood, Gavin - The Blackwell Companion to Hinduism, ebook

The Blackwell Companion to Hinduism

Flood, Gavin


An ideal resource for courses on Hinduism or world religions, this accessible volume spans the entire field of Hindu studies. It provides a forum for the best scholars in the world to make their views and research available to a wider audience.
Comprehensively covers the textual traditions

Smith, David - Hinduism and Modernity, ebook

Hinduism and Modernity

Smith, David


This examination of Hinduism in the context of modernity will be of interest to all students of Hinduism, as well as to those interested in the sociology and history of religion.
Shows Hinduism to be a highly dynamic world-view which challenges western notions of modernity. Considers a broad range of topics including women,