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Dürr, Detlef - Quantum Physics Without Quantum Philosophy, ebook

Quantum Physics Without Quantum Philosophy

Dürr, Detlef


On the Quantum Probability Flux through Surfaces
Detlef Dürr, Sheldon Goldstein, Nino Zanghì
7. On the Weak Measurement of Velocity in Bohmian Mechanics
Detlef Dürr, Sheldon Goldstein, Nino Zanghì
8. Topological Factors Derived From Bohmian Mechanics

Greenberger, Daniel - Compendium of Quantum Physics, ebook

Compendium of Quantum Physics

Greenberger, Daniel


Hidden-Variables Models of Quantum Mechanics (Noncontextual and Contextual)
Abner Shimony
90. Hilbert Space
Erhard Scholz, Werner Stulpe
91. Holism in Quantum Mechanics
Richard Healey
92. Identity of Quanta
Simon Saunders
93. Identity

Fayngold, Moses - Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Information, ebook

Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Information

Fayngold, Moses


Alongside a thorough definition of the basic concepts and their interrelations, backed by numerous examples, this textbook features a rare discussion of the quantum information theory. It also deals with other important topics hardly found in the literature, including the Robertson-Schrodinger-relation,

Holzner, Steven - Quantum Physics Workbook For Dummies, ebook

Quantum Physics Workbook For Dummies

Holzner, Steven


Hands-on practice in solving quantum physics problems
Quantum Physics is the study of the behavior of matter and energy at the molecular, atomic, nuclear, and even smaller microscopic levels. Like the other titles in our For Dummies Workbook series,

Bramati, Alberto - Physics of Quantum Fluids, ebook

Physics of Quantum Fluids

Bramati, Alberto


Polariton Quantum Fluids and Devices
D. Ballarini, A. Amo, M. Giorgi, D. Sanvitto
8. Exciton-Polariton Condensates in Zero-, One-, and Two-Dimensional Lattices
Na Young Kim, Yoshihisa Yamamoto, Shoko Utsunomiya, Kenichiro Kusudo, Sven Höfling, Alfred