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Fayngold, Moses - Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Information, ebook

Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Information

Fayngold, Moses


Alongside a thorough definition of the basic concepts and their interrelations, backed by numerous examples, this textbook features a rare discussion of the quantum information theory. It also deals with other important topics hardly found in the literature, including the Robertson-Schrodinger-relation,

Benatti, Fabio - Quantum Entropies, ebook

Quantum Entropies

Benatti, Fabio


Quantum Dynamical Systems
5. Quantum Mechanics of Finite Degrees of Freedom
Fabio Benatti
6. Quantum Information Theory
Fabio Benatti
7. Quantum Mechanics of Infinite Degrees of Freedom
Fabio Benatti
Part III. Quantum

Hayashi, Masahito - Group Representation for Quantum Theory, ebook

Group Representation for Quantum Theory

Hayashi, Masahito


Table of contents
1. Mathematical Foundation for Quantum System
Masahito Hayashi
2. Group Representation Theory
Masahito Hayashi
3. Foundation of Representation Theory of Lie Group and Lie Algebra
Masahito Hayashi
4. Representations of Typical Lie Groups and Typical Lie Algebras
Masahito Hayashi

Meter, Rodney Van - Quantum Networking, ebook

Quantum Networking

Meter, Rodney Van


Quantum networks build on entanglement and quantum measurement to achieve tasks that are beyond the reach of classical systems. Using quantum effects, we can detect the presence of eavesdroppers, raise the sensitivity