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Johnson, Timothy - Ethics in Quantitative Finance, ebook

Ethics in Quantitative Finance

Johnson, Timothy


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Timothy Johnson
2. The Genesis of Money and Its Impact
Timothy Johnson
3. Finance and Ethics in Medieval Europe
Timothy Johnson
4. Finance, Mathematics and the Foundations of Modernity
Timothy Johnson
5. The Philosophical Basis of Modernity
Timothy Johnson

Florescu, Ionut - Quantitative Finance, ebook

Quantitative Finance

Florescu, Ionut


Presents a multitude of topics relevant to the quantitative finance community by combining the best of the theory with the usefulness of applications
Written by accomplished teachers and researchers in the field, this book presents quantitative

Bell, Steve - Quantitative Finance For Dummies, ebook

Quantitative Finance For Dummies

Bell, Steve


An accessible introduction to quantitative finance by the numbers—for students, professionals, and personal investors 
The world of quantitative finance is complex,

Reghai, Adil - Quantitative Finance, ebook

Quantitative Finance

Reghai, Adil


Table of contents
1. Financial Modeling
Adil Reghai
2. About Modeling
Adil Reghai
3. From Black & Scholes to the emergence of Smile Modeling
Adil Reghai
4. What is the Fair Value in the Presence of the Smile?
Adil Reghai

Heath, David - A Benchmark Approach to Quantitative Finance, ebook

A Benchmark Approach to Quantitative Finance

Heath, David


Table of contents
1. Preliminaries from Probability Theory
Eckhard Platen, David Heath
2. Statistical Methods
Eckhard Platen, David Heath
3. Modeling via Stochastic Processes
Eckhard Platen, David Heath
4. Diffusion Processes

Benth, Fred Espen - Quantitative Energy Finance, ebook

Quantitative Energy Finance

Benth, Fred Espen


Table of contents
Part I. Surveys
1. A Review of Optimal Investment Rules in Electricity Generation
René Aïd
2. A Survey of Commodity Markets and Structural Models for Electricity Prices
René Carmona, Michael Coulon
3. Fourier-Based…