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Singh, Vijay P - Water Quality Management, ebook

Water Quality Management

Singh, Vijay P


Municipal Solid Waste Management with Uncertainty Analysis for Urban Cities
Vinai Singh, R. M. Singh, N. R. Rawal
33. Solid Waste Management Through Vermi- and Phosphate-Enriched Composting Techniques for Sustainable Agriculture

Taylor, Eric - Air Quality Management, ebook

Air Quality Management

Taylor, Eric


The State of Air Quality in Canada: National Patterns
Jeffrey R. Brook, Tom F. Dann, Elisabeth Galarneau, Dennis Herod, Jean Pierre Charland
4. Long-Range Transport of Air Pollutants and Regional and Global Air Quality Modelling
Michael D. Moran, Ashu

Nikolaidis, Yiannis - Quality Management in Reverse Logistics, ebook

Quality Management in Reverse Logistics

Nikolaidis, Yiannis


A Framework for Evaluating the Social Responsibility Quality of Reverse Logistics
Ioannis E. Nikolaou, Konstantinos I. Evangelinos
5. Quality Assurance and Consumer Electronics Recycling
Robert Sroufe
6. Quality Assurance in Remanufacturing with Sensor

Chick, Stephen E. - Management Quality and Competitiveness, ebook

Management Quality and Competitiveness

Chick, Stephen E.


Table of contents
I. The Challenge
1. Management Quality and Strategic Positioning
II. Management Quality, Innovation, and Services
2. Rational: Innovation and Game-Changing Products
3. Imaje: From Products to Services Through Innovation
4. BuS: “We Do What No One Else Does”
III. Networked Strategy

Beck, Matthias - Quality Management and Managerialism in Healthcare, ebook

Quality Management and Managerialism in Healthcare

Beck, Matthias


Table of contents
1. Managerialism: A Historical Overview
Sara Melo, Matthias Beck
2. Risk in Medicine: Early Developments to the 1980s
Sara Melo, Matthias Beck
3. Quality Management in Healthcare
Sara Melo, Matthias Beck
4. Models of Patient Safety and Critique
Sara Melo, Matthias Beck

April, Alain - Software Quality Assurance, ebook

Software Quality Assurance

April, Alain


This book introduces Software Quality Assurance (SQA) and provides an overview of standards used to implement SQA. It defines ways to assess the effectiveness of how one approaches software quality across key industry sectors such as telecommunications,