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Stefan, Wagner - Software Product Quality Control, ebook

Software Product Quality Control

Stefan, Wagner


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Stefan Wagner
2. Quality Models
Stefan Wagner
3. Quality Planning
Stefan Wagner
4. Quality Control
Stefan Wagner
5. Practical Experiences
Stefan Wagner
6. Summary
Stefan Wagner

Wallace, Michael - Quality Control for Dummies, ebook

Quality Control for Dummies

Wallace, Michael

From 23,00€

So you’ve been asked to lead a quality control initiative? Or maybe you’ve been assigned to a quality team. Perhaps you’re a CEO whose main concern is to make your company faster, more efficient, and less expensive.

Feyel, Philippe - Robust Control Optimization with Metaheuristics, ebook

Robust Control Optimization with Metaheuristics

Feyel, Philippe


In the automotive industry, a Control Engineer must design a unique control law that is then tested and validated on a single prototype with a level of reliability high enough to to meet a number of complex specifications on various systems. In order

Astola, Jaakko - Microarray Quality Control, ebook

Microarray Quality Control

Astola, Jaakko


Without sound quality control, experimental microarrays may produce useless or, even worse, misleading results.
Microarray Quality Control provides