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Fitzek, Frank H. P. - Qt for Symbian, ebook

Qt for Symbian

Fitzek, Frank H. P.


Qt for Symbian takes a unique look at this cutting-edge programming environment. Step-by-step it explains Qt in an easy to access fashion, using simple examples throughout. A bible for all beginners it covers topics such as: Installing the developer

Thelin, Johan - Foundations of Qt Development, ebook

Foundations of Qt Development

Thelin, Johan


Table of contents
Part 1. Getting to Know Qt
1. The Qt Way of C++
2. Rapid Application Development Using Qt
3. Widgets and Layouts
4. The Main Window
Part 2. The Qt Building Blocks
5. The Model-View Framework
6. Creating Widgets
7. Drawing and Printing
8. Files, Streams, and XML
9. Providing

Rischpater, Ray - Beginning Nokia Apps Development, ebook

Beginning Nokia Apps Development

Rischpater, Ray


Table of contents
Part I. Design
1. Introducing Nokia’s Software Platform
Ray Rischpater, Daniel Zucker
2. Designing Your Application
Ray Rischpater, Daniel Zucker
Part II. Developing Your Application
3. Working with the Nokia Qt SDK
Ray Rischpater, Daniel Zucker
4. Beginning Qt Development

Bonate, Peter L. - Pharmacokinetics in Drug Development, ebook

Pharmacokinetics in Drug Development

Bonate, Peter L.


Drug–Drug Interactions: Designing Development Programs and Appropriate Product Labeling
J. Matthew Hutzler, Jack Cook, Joseph C. Fleishaker
3. Modeling the Progression of Disease
Diane R. Mould
4. The Use of Dried Blood Spots for Concentration Assessment

Ludin, Anwar - Learn BlackBerry 10 App Development, ebook

Learn BlackBerry 10 App Development

Ludin, Anwar


Table of contents
1. Getting Started
Anwar Ludin
2. QML and JavaScript
Anwar Ludin
3. C++, Qt, and Cascades
Anwar Ludin
4. Controls
Anwar Ludin
5. Application Structure
Anwar Ludin
6. ListView and DataModel
Anwar Ludin
7. HTTP Networking
Anwar Ludin
8. Personal Information

Tripathi, Onkar N. - Heart Rate and Rhythm, ebook

Heart Rate and Rhythm

Tripathi, Onkar N.


A Historical Perspective on the Development of Models of Rhythm in the Heart
Penelope J. Noble, Denis Noble
9. Simulation of Cardiac Action Potentials
Jonathan D. Moreno, Colleen E. Clancy
10. Development of Pacemaker Activity in Embryonic and Embryonic

Ackerman, Michael J. - Electrical Diseases of the Heart, ebook

Electrical Diseases of the Heart

Ackerman, Michael J.


Pharmacogenomics in Drug Development and Clinical Research
Richard Judson
49. Mechanisms of Drug-Induced Cardiac Toxicity
Masayasu Hiraoka
50. Acquired (Drug-Induced) Long QT Syndrome
Jeffrey S. Litwin, Robert B. Kleiman, Ihor Gussak
51. Acquired