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Shasha, Dennis - Puzzles for Programmers and Pros, ebook

Puzzles for Programmers and Pros

Shasha, Dennis


Aimed at both working programmers who are applying for a job where puzzles are an integral part of the interview, as well as techies who just love a good puzzle, this book offers a cache of exciting puzzles Features a new series of puzzles,

Parker, Timothy E. - Crosswords for Seniors For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, ebook

Crosswords for Seniors For Dummies®

Parker, Timothy E.


A puzzle-packed guide tailored to the interests of the older generation
Are you over the age of 55? Looking for some great crossword puzzles? Better yet, how about a collection of crosswords that is tailored to your interests? Look no further. Crosswords For Seniors For Dummies fits