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UNKNOWN - Picture Puzzles For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, ebook

Picture Puzzles For Dummies®



Now there's a new puzzle guide guaranteed to hone your powers of observation and perception.
Picture Puzzles For Dummies features 100 full-color puzzles that use sight to enhance your brain

Berger, Roland - The Inequality Puzzle, ebook

The Inequality Puzzle

Berger, Roland


Table of contents
1. Is There Too Much Inequality?
David B. Grusky, Christopher Wimer
2. Josef Ackermann
Roland Berger, David Grusky, Tobias Raffel, Geoffrey Samuels, Christopher Wimer
3. Bertrand Collomb
Roland Berger, David Grusky,…

Ghijsen, Harmen - The Puzzle of Perceptual Justification, ebook

The Puzzle of Perceptual Justification

Ghijsen, Harmen


Table of contents
1. Perception, Hallucination and Justification
Harmen Ghijsen
2. Evidentialism and the Problem of Fit
Harmen Ghijsen
3. Dogmatism and the Distinctiveness Problem
Harmen Ghijsen
4. Epistemological Disjunctivism…