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Bice, Sara - Public Policy in the 'Asian Century', ebook

Public Policy in the 'Asian Century'

Bice, Sara


Rethinking Public Governance in the Asian Century: Grand Discourse Vs. Actual Reality
M. Shamsul Haque
4. Weber and Confucius in East Asia: The Great Experiment
Jill L. Tao
5. Disciplining Democracy: Explaining the Rhythms of Myanmar’s First Hluttaw,

Ho, Lok Sang - Happiness and Public Policy, ebook

Happiness and Public Policy

Ho, Lok Sang


Psychological Approaches to the Relationship between Happiness and Public Policy in P.R. China
Kan Shi, Xiao Lu Wang, Rui Zheng, Wei Shi, Jia Fang Lu, Hong Xia Fan
9. Happiness and Development — Public

Peters, B. Guy - Contemporary Approaches to Public Policy, ebook

Contemporary Approaches to Public Policy

Peters, B. Guy


Discursive Approaches to Public Policy: Politics, Argumentation, and Deliberation
Anna Durnova, Frank Fischer, Philippe Zittoun
4. Institutionalism and Public Policy
B. Guy Peters
5. Institutions and the Policy

Béland, Daniel - Public and Private Social Policy, ebook

Public and Private Social Policy

Béland, Daniel


Balancing Acts: Trends in the Public-Private Mix in Health Care
Debra Street
3. Orienting the Public-Private Mix of Pensions
Patrik Marier, Suzanne Skinner
4. Extensive but Not Inclusive: Health Care and Pensions

Coyle, Doug - ROI in Public Health Policy, ebook

ROI in Public Health Policy

Coyle, Doug


Modelling the ROI of Public Health Interventions
Subhash Pokhrel, Lesley Owen, Kathryn Coyle, Doug Coyle
6. A Journey to Real-World Decision Problems
Subhash Pokhrel, Lesley Owen, Kathryn Coyle, Doug Coyle
7. Evaluating Current and Prospective Policies

Balkenhol, Bernd - Microfinance and Public Policy, ebook

Microfinance and Public Policy

Balkenhol, Bernd


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction
1. Efficiency and Sustainability in Microfinance
Bernd Balkenhol
Part II. Conceptual Framework
2. Poverty versus Inequality
Amadou Diop, Isabelle Hillenkamp, Jean-Michel Servet
3. Poverty Reduction through Microfinance: A Capability Perspective
Flavio Comim